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Patrick Freyne in Parliament Square: Brexiteers make hay at last fling

Patrick Freyne in Parliament Square: Brexiteers make hay at last fling

London revellers call for sovereignty and ‘controlled’ migration while they celebrate

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Brexit supporters burned A eu banner beside Downing Street in main London as other people jeered at pro-EU demonstrators into the hours that are final great britain is born to go out of the EU. Movie: Reuters

At Parliament Square in London Brexiteers are celebrating Britain’s departure from the EU in the pouring rain. Vehicles are nevertheless driving by. They’re all waiting around for familiarly speeches that are triumphalist Nigel Farage, Ann Widdecombe, Wetherspoon’s Tim Martin as well as others.

All afternoon a couple of thousand men and women have been Union that is waving George’s and American flags while singing “Goodbye EU” into the tune of Auld Lang Syne. A stall is offering free apples that are“English while a person offers UK flags built in Asia (I checked). An Elvis impersonator sings Elvis songs rewritten to mirror British/EU relations. Another man spends the afternoon ostentatiously sitting on A eu banner. Individuals band bells.

Craig Thorpe, from ‘Bikers for Brexit’, informs me that Brexit will likely be therefore effective most EU nations will additionally keep. Voting keep is much more about sovereignty than immigration he says for him. He operates a taxi company and it has numerous drivers that are foreign.

“But migration may be out of control, is not it?” claims Jason Roberts.

Kev Blackburn, who’s putting on a red donald trump cap, understands a person who are able to assist. imagine if Trump does not let them have a trade deal that is good? “Like making us consume chlorinated chicken?” states another guy.

“I’m going veggie anyway,” says Blackburn.

Geoff Courtenay is keeping a sign that says “bye bye EU” a times that are few. He’s a “kipper” he says (UKIPer) but he’s concerned about “the edge along the Irish Sea”. He states border trade can clearly be managed technologically and therefore Ireland “will need to have an immigration policy” that is sensible.

Dan Day is installing a dining dining dining table for a petition by using a little girl dressed as a Crusader. Their huge placard reads: “We the Sovereign people of this great britain need a redress of your right that is god-given to, complimentary Speech, Assembly, Self-defence, National Self-Determination and Christian Faith.” He has got a gun that is small to their lapel. “It’s a Thompson,” he claims. “An English gun.” (It is perhaps perhaps not an English weapon). “We needs the ability to keep hands.”

But why? “Coming from an Irishman?” he says. “You should be aware why.”


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  • Ireland’s relationship with Britain ‘will be close and that is special
  • North ‘slowly becoming section of united Ireland’, states former British chancellor

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Nigel Marcham, “The minimal Veteran”, is definitely an activist affiliated with Never Surrender, an organization that objects to attempting veterans for crimes in solution. A few of their buddies wave flags featuring the Red Hand of Ulster. He’s followed by “The Active Patriot” who’s here today livestreaming every thing on YouTube. A t-shirt is worn by the Active Patriot using the motto: “It’s okay to be white”.

“I caused it to be particularly for ” he says today. “Is there something amiss with being white?”

Marcham speaks at size about “racism against white people”. Fundamentally, we state that all the issues he rails against seem like a item of right-wing classist policies instead of battle and I also explain that the parliament that is british mainly comprised of my transgender date white individuals. “It should always be!” says Marcham.

In St Stephen’s Tavern, a middle-aged girl reacts to a person yelling “Get Brexit Done” by saying: “Brexit could be the worst feasible thing for refugees, for ladies, for kiddies for disabled people”.

“How did we win two world wars then?” he says.

At around three, a little pro-EU protest march comes and it is greeted by people screaming “Fifth columnists!” and “Traitorous scum!”. A man gathers a band of photographers he burns what he says is an EU flag around him as. “Was that basically a flag that is eu” somebody asks. “It does not seem like the proper color.”

“All i understand is the fact that it wasn’t my flag,” he claims.

A female screams as a policeman’s face that he’s part of an organization that condones youngster abuse. A guy through the English Defence League shouts at me personally: “You’re the journalist that is irish. You are able to get right f**king home.” He has got evidently simply seen me personally on Active Patriot’s stream that is live. Later on we see him dancing blissfully to Sweet Caroline because it plays from a presenter on a vehicle.

Judith Clementson has come from Portsmouth and states she’s been “fighting because of this longer than Nigel”. In 1997, she went for parliament with Jimmy Goldsmith’s Referendum Party. She wishes sovereignty and “controlled” migration but thinks a lot of people here haven’t really browse the withdrawal contract. She fears Britain are going to be embroiled with all the EU for a time that is long. Therefore, exactly why is she right right here? “I’m celebrating the finish of this start,” she says.

Sixty-four-year leaver that is old Ruygrok is describing himself to a somewhat exasperated remain-voter called Anthony. Ruygrok is really a taoist that is half-dutch daddy had been a follower regarding the mystic Aleister Crowley. He’s resided all around the globe but their company ended up being fooled, he states, and now he’s homeless in London. He’s been energised by Brexit, he states, “but Britain happens to be lost to social Marxists”.

Anthony can’t think just exactly exactly what he’s hearing: “But you’ve literally just won!”

“I’ve been black colored pilled,” says Ruygrok before describing “the pills”. To be blue pilled, he describes, is usually to be ignorant associated with the world’s deep conspiracies. To be red pilled would be to see them. To be black colored pilled will be see them but nevertheless think all is lost. He believes a war that is civil beingshown to people there. “I don’t genuinely have a cure for the near future.” He laughs. “But let them have their time.”

He’s intending to keep Britain. Where will he get? “Orban’s Hungary” he says.

“But you can’t travel there easily anymore,” states Anthony. “You voted for that!”

“Orban has stated he’ll take us in. They’ve got things right over there.”


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